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Sybarite: n. a person devoted to luxury and pleasure. We always wanted Sybarite to become a melting pot of passions, personalities and different ways of thinking. Meet the team… And if you’d like to meet in person, drop us a line
Sybarite Team Torquil Mcintosh
Whether designing a mannequin, store interior or a skyscraper, Torquil’s focus is on unifying architectural expertise with an empathy for the brand and the customer. This has become Sybarite’s signature spirit and can be found in work in more than 100 cities, ranging from Marni’s Aoyama store in Japan to a new logo integrated throughout China’s SKP department store.
Torquil McIntosh
Sybarite Team Simon Mitchell
Simon studied at the University of Greenwich in London, gaining his RIBA Part III qualification in 1998. He has a range of practice experience, most notably with Future Systems where he worked on projects including Lords Media Centre, Comme des Garçons stores in Tokyo and New York and the iconic Selfridges in Birmingham.
Simon Mitchell
Sybarite Team Adrian Condina
Adrian Condina
Associate Director
Sybarite Team Alexey Chikovsky
Alexey Chikovsky
Associate Director
Sybarite Team Ian Hendricks
Ian Hendricks
Associate Director
Sybarite Team  Iain Mackay
Iain Mackay
Technical Director
Sybarite Team Enrico Falchetti
Enrico Falchetti
Sybarite Team Also Sanzo
Aldo Sanzo
Head of Visualisation
Sybarite Team Adam Freestone
Adam Freestone
Senior Architect
Sybarite Team Adriana Gialdini
Adriana Gialdini
Sybarite Team Andre Mariani
Andre Mariani
Sybarite Team Andrew Newall
Andrew Newall
IT Manager
Sybarite Team Anna Griesi
Anna Griesi
Sybarite Team Anya Yang
Anya Yang
Senior Architect
Sybarite Team Beau Lawrence
Beau Lawrence
Design Intern
Sybarite Team Borja Nunez
Borja Nunez
Senior Architect
Sybarite Team Chanelle Bevis Walker
Chanelle Bevis-Walker
Practice Co-ordinator & PA
Sybarite Team Colin Christie
Colin Christie
Graphic Designer
Sybarite Team Daniel Howells
Daniel Howells
Web Designer
Sybarite Team Dominique Ruffell
Dominique Ruffell
Sybarite Team Ella Seo
Ella Seo
Sybarite Team Flora Martinet
Flora Martinet
Sybarite Team Giuseppe Montanaro
Giuseppe Montanaro
Senior Architect
Sybarite Team Hattie Howard Leach
Hattie Howard-Leach
Sybarite Team Karen Bryant
Karen Bryant
Marketing & New Business Manager
Sybarite Team Kate Flett
Kate Flett
Materials Librarian
Sybarite Team Konstantina Faltaka
Konstantina Faltaka
Sybarite Team Kunita Hoole
Kunita Hoole
Practice Manager
Sybarite Team Liv Pearson
Liv Pearson
Sybarite Team Ludovic Boissonnat
Ludovic Boissonnat
Sybarite Team Mary Suen
Mary Suen
Sybarite Team Marta Lobacz
Marta Lobacz
Sybarite Team Maud Sanciaume
Maud Sanciaume
Sybarite Team Naomi Curtis
Naomi Curtis
Head of Communications
Sybarite Team Sam Lewis
Samuel Lewis
Sybarite Team Yolanda Oleary
Yolanda O'Leary
Brand Strategist
Sybarite Team Xin Du
Xin Du