Marni 01

Marni 02
Sloane Street, London.
Photography by Richard Davies.

Each store is unique to its location. The interior signage in each of the Marni shops was almost insignificant and yet Marni set the precedent with cultural coding, allowing the coherent identity to come through in the design.

Sybarite Architects Marni Aoyama Japan Womenswear Retail Luxury Fashion 02
Aoyama, Japan.
Photography by Nacasa.

For the London store, the references are the St George flag, buses, and phone boxes. There’s also complete inspiration from the sculptural diplodocus formerly in the Natural History museum which informed the stainless-steel display. It’s one single sculpture from the ground to first floor without touching the walls, like a giant stainless-steel dinosaur skeleton! 

Sybarite Architects Marni Soho New York Womenswear Retail Luxury Fashion 02
Soho, New York.
Photography by Jimmy Cohrssen.

In Oyama, we did a take on the Japanese flag. In New York, as we were constantly looking up, seeing the skyscrapers above and the light and shade in the streets below, the city’s verticality was a signifier for the Madison Avenue store’s double-height space. We cut out these slabs and created these uplifting displays of hanging mannequins in the space, so the act of lifting your chin in the store is a nod to New York. When you apply all those cultural references together with your design menu, you find things come together naturally. 

Sybarite Architects Marni Sanlitun Beijing Womenswear Retail Luxury Fashion 01
Photography by Butsou Lai.